What to Expect on Sunday

Before Your First Visit:

After you finish visiting us on the Internet, we hope we get the chance to meet you in person soon. Here are a few things that will help you plan your first visit. 

Choose a Service

Western Avenue offers two worship services each Sunday morning. The early service begins at 8:30 AM and the second service begins at 11:00 AM. Both services are mirror images of each other.


What We Believe


Stay for Sunday School

We hope you'll consider staying for Sunday School. This is where you will make relationships that will truly make Western Avenue feel like home.


We have Bible study classes for all ages from birth through senior adults. We know there is a class just right for you. 


Find a Class


Get Directions

We are located at 1206 Museum Road (between Hwy 21 and Hwy 115) in Statesville, North Carolina, just north of Interstate 40. 


Services and Directions


When You Arrive

Western Avenue is a large facility and it seems even larger the first time you are here. Don't worry - it gets smaller every day! Along with signs to point the way, there will be more than enough people willing to help you get where you're going - don't be afraid to ask!  View the map to help! 



If You Have Children

If you have children (birth through 5th grade), you will want to enter on the west entrance to the building (the side farthest from the Worship Center). This entrance has a sheltered drive-through to help you in unloading the car on rainy days and we have a special Welcome Center in our Preschool/Children's Department.


Because the safety of your children is very important to us, you will be asked to receive and wear an identifying badge that will enable only you to pick your children up at the end of your time with us.


We have classes and childcare for children from birth through 5th grade and the volunteers at the Welcome Center will walk you to their classes.


If you have teenagers (6th-12th grades), you will want to enter from the north or east entrances to the building.  Middle and High School classes are on the back hall of the building near the Multi-Purpose Room.




During the Worship Service

You can sit either upstairs in our balcony or on the main floor. You can get to the balcony via the stairs on both sides of the Worship Center. You may sit in any vacant seat unless it has a notice on it specifically saying it is reserved.


If you are not sure what to do during the service, just follow everyone else, or if you prefer, you can just remain seated throughout the service. You are under no obligation to join in any of the singing or even to like the music. We know we don't all have the same musical tastes and we don't expect it of you, either. However, we do hope you will want to join us in worshipping our King. The Lord is pleased with worship that comes from a heart in love with Him.


Your presence is your gift to us. You are not expected to contribute financially to the work of the church (that's our responsibility!) so don't feel embarrassed to pass the collection plate without putting anything in it. Many church members contribute bi-weekly or monthly so you won't be the only one just "passing the plate." However, we would like to ask that you complete a visitor's card where you can let us know if you'd like a visit and put that in the offering plate when it is passed.


Should you need to use the restroom, the closest facilities are located in the Worship Center's foyer. Exit the two center doors at the back of the Worship Center and the restrooms are immediately on your left and right.


When You Are Ready To Leave

Please be sure to shake our pastor's hand as you leave the Worship Center. Dr. Spry and his wife, Ambra, would love to meet you.


Upon exiting the center doors at the back of the Worship Center, continue through the foyer and take a right at the first hallway. There is an information center on the left with brochures about ministries and programs as well as information about upcoming events.