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Weekday Preschool Schedule & Weather

Weekday Preschool Schedule & Weather

The First Day

Each student will be assigned a “first day” to attend class. Half of the class will attend one day and the other half the next day (i.e. ½ of the class will attend 9-12 on Tuesday and the other half will attend 9-12 on Wednesday, and all will attend on Thursday). We do this in an effort to help each child acclimate to a new environment, his/her new teacher, and new classmates in a smaller more manageable setting.  Classroom teachers will provide each child with a “first day” assignment prior to the start of school.


2's, 3's, PreK

Tuesday – Thursday, 9am-12pm

Transitional Kindergarten

Monday - Thursday, 9am-1pm

Each classroom teacher will provide parents with a more detailed outline of the individual class schedule and we will provide a calendar indicating school breaks etc… Please review the annual calendar provided to note school start/end dates and holiday breaks.


Preschool begins at 9:00, our doors will be opened at 8:55 – we do not provide early drop off. We want each child to feel a part of every moment of his/her school day, and that begins with a great start by arriving on time.

Inclement Weather

We follow the ISS schedule for closings due to weather as follows:

  • Iredell Schools Closed = Preschool Closed
  • 3 hour delay = Preschool Closed
  • 2 hour delay = Preschool opens at 10, with regular dismissal
  • 1 hour delay = Preschool regular schedule

If ISS chooses to close during the school day, you will be notified as to whether or not to pick your child up early at the Preschool.