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Weekday Preschool Curriculum

Weekday Preschool Curriculum

Our curriculum has a two-fold purpose:

1. To introduce our students to Biblical truths that will serve as a foundation for their spiritual growth and development.

We seek to achieve this through daily teaching that incorporates Bible stories, verses, songs, and through modeling.

2. To build an educational foundation that will foster an interest in learning by teaching students on a developmentally appropriate level in such a way that they may learn, comprehend, and retain.

One of the many educational components of our curriculum is the Letterland literacy curriculum.  Letterland is used on an age appropriate level in every class. Letterland is used throughout the Iredell-Statesville Schools and many other school systems as well. Therefore, any student that has gone through our program will have familiarity and understanding of Letterland prior to entering kindergarten.

Our classrooms provide experiences that are challenging to students yet not so difficult that they cannot understand or grasp the desired concept.  Opportunities for exploration are provided through various centers, play, and one-on-one teaching time.