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Salvation & Baptism

Milestone #2: Salvation & Baptism

Talking to your children about the Gospel can be hard. Maybe it is because you do not know what to say. Maybe it is because you do not feel qualified and you think that only pastors and ministers can talk to your children about such things. Think of the privilege that God has given you to teach your children about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Think of the joy of leading your own son or daughter to faith in Christ.

In our Avenue Kids ministry we will be discussing Jesus, faith, the Bible, sin, repentance, and salvation. As we talk about these things on Sundays and Wednesdays, we want to provide you with resources to have Gospel conversations with your children at an early age. We want you to feel equipped to answer your children’s questions about Jesus, the Bible, and faith. We want you to give guidance to your children when they make professions of faith. We want you to be able to explain why people are getting dunked in water on Sunday mornings. If your child has questions about baptism, download Talking With Your Child About Baptism as a helpful guide for your conversation.

Baptism Class

When your child has made a public profession of faith, we would love to walk them through a Baptism class. Here we will reinforce what baptism means, see firsthand where the baptism will take place, and discuss their personal testimony.


On a Sunday morning, your child will be baptized in one of the three worship services. This is a part of their public declaration of faith in Jesus Christ. Baptismal services are a time of great celebration for families and for the church. 

Spiritual Birthday Party

We encourage you to celebrate this special time as a family. Plan a special “Spiritual Birthday Party,” or a special time that will be memorable for your child and for you as a family.

Ready for this Milestone?

Contact our pastor, Dr. Jeff Spry, to talk about baptism.