In the beginning, God created everything, including us.  When He made us, we were perfect people in a perfect world who had a perfect relationship with our Creator.  It didn't take long, however, for us to choose our own way over God's - which is the definition of sin - and in so doing, we lost our connection to God.  Our sin separated us from the holy, perfect, loving, and just God who had made us and brought us the ultimate consequence - death.


Though God was just and could not ignore our sin, He did work through history to prepare us for His ultimate plan to remove the chasm between us and Him. In His perfect timing, His son, Jesus Christ, fully God and fully man, gave up all that was His in heaven to come to Earth as a baby.  Born of the virgin Mary, Jesus lived the sinless life that we did not have the ability to live, and ultimately gave His life on a Roman cross as one sacrifice for all the sin of those who believe.  Having been dead in the grave, He rose again to life on the third day and forty days later ascended to heaven to reign over creation until He returns publicly and bodily at the end of days.


We come to Jesus by faith, not works. This act of God's grace is sometimes called being "born again" or "getting saved."  It is through this new birth that Jesus Christ's righteousness is credited to us, restoring us to God and giving us the ability once again to enjoy Him and make His name great forever.



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