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Preschool Sunday School

Preschool Sunday School

We have classes geared towards offering children a safe, clean, and age-appropriate environment in which to learn about Jesus. Your child will be met by smiling faces that love children and are dedicated to helping them grow in Christ.


Infants and toddlers can enjoy developmentally appropriate materials that promote large and small motor skills. Our babies move into older classes throughout the Sunday School year based on individual developmental level and group size. We stop promoting in the two-year-old classes where they will promote yearly beginning in September.

Two's - Five's

Our 2's, 3's, 4's and 5's enjoy spacious rooms where they can interact with each other safely. Playgrounds are available to both older preschoolers as well as younger preschoolers. Play equipment is inspected regularly for safety.

Your Child's Safety

We take the safety or your child very seriously.  Every individual in the Preschool Ministry that will be working with your child has undergone a security check and vibrating pagers are available to silently alert you if your child needs your assistance. The preschool wing also has one entrance with security that cuts down on unecessary traffic and visitors in the area. If you should have any questions or concerns regarding the Preschool Ministry please contact Carrie Allen.

Current Classes




127 Infants

Wendy Bentley
Natalie Greene

133 Babies

Anna Blue Bentley
Kristin Kirk

132 Toddlers A

Ashlyn McGaha
Anna Ross

136 Toddlers B

Charity Beckham
Teresa McGaha

119 2 Year Olds A

Cheri Star
Leslie Medina

118 2 Year Olds B

Brea Nance
Jennifer Combs

123 3 Year Olds

Greg & Angela Tippett

126 4 Year Olds

Dru Burgin
Elaine Dearman

138 5 Year Olds

Linda Armstrong