Who's Your One?

Last week we finished up our sermon series through Galatians. For the next 8 weeks Jeff will be preaching sharing our faith through "Encounters with Jesus" as part of an initiative many other churches are focusing on as well titled "Who's Your One?". It's easy to feel overwhelmed when we talk about evangelism. How can I change the entire world? But, all we each have to do is think of one person. Who is your one person you will share the Gospel with? 

We looked at John 3:1-16 and the story of Nicodemus. We learned the Gospel is a divine sovereign work of God, not a human work of man. There are certain things we cannot see until we are able to see them. Since the Gospel is a sovereign work of God, unless you are born again to see the Gospel of God, your eyes are not open to it. Being "born again" is a condition that must be met, not something you can do. Nicodemus understands the metaphor, but he doesn't understand what he needs to do. We see the cleansing of the water and our sins being removed by the blood of Jesus. He can give us a new heart. Our job is to point people to Jesus.

Posted by Meredith Collins at 11:41 AM