Wednesday night EU 8/26: The COVID-19 Vaccine and the Mark of the Beast

The COVID-19 Vaccine and the Mark of the Beast: Presented by Jeff Spry

With all of the unusual things taking place in the world right now, many people have begun to speculate what relationship these events might have to the end times. One current controversy working its way around social media concerns the COVID-19 vaccination and the Mark of the Beast referred to in Revelation 13:16-18. What if any connection might there be?

Please join us this Wednesday at 6:30 PM as Dr. Jeff Spry will address this very question and help us to better understand what the Bible actually says about this topic. This Wednesday, August 26, we will start having one EU class each week in-person in the sanctuary with social distancing like Sunday morning services. For those of you unable to attend, the class will be live-streamed on Facebook Live and also recorded to watch later on Facebook or our website.