Wednesday Night: 3/24 - Critical Race Theory

Critical Race Theory is not a value-neutral collection of insights; it is a comprehensive ideology that makes transcendent truth claims about the world and those who live in it. CRT is filled with assumptions and viewpoints about reality that put it at great odds with biblical thinking.


CRT is a worldview that, like a pair of sunglasses, changes the shade of everything you see. If you put on a pair of CRT-glasses, you will see everything – every relationship and interaction – through the lens of omnipresent racial oppression. Many of the teachings of CRT, which emerged from secular Marxist and anti-Christian postmodern sources, stand diametrically opposed to teachings found in the Bible. This is a bold statement. Can it be backed up? This Wednesday night, we will continue to examine this with part 5 of the critical race theory series.


Wednesday, March 24 at 6:30pm in the worship center

Also live-streamed on our Facebook and YouTube