Sunday Service Update 9/13

Have you ever said a word that you wish you could take back? Wouldn’t it be great if you could go back and edit those words, cut them out, and permanently erase them?  Unfortunately, a word spoken cannot be undone or retracted. This week we will take a break from our study in Mark’s Gospel and take a look at the power of the words we use. This topic seems to be especially relevant, for we have seen the rhetoric within our culture heat up due to tensions related to the pandemic, social distancing, masks, racism, riots, and the beginning of a presidential election cycle. So what are we as Christians to do in terms of our words, of our rhetoric? Are we, as followers of Jesus Christ, called to a higher standard, a different standard? In our study this week, we will see the incredible power of words, both for great good as well as for great harm. And we will see that our Heavenly Father is not silent on this issue.