Sunday Service Update 11/8

We have had many important elections in our nation’s history but never one so important as this one. We have heard those words many times this year but the sentence above is a quote from the New York Times from 1864 when Abraham Lincoln defeated George McClellan. Of course, we have heard the same quote almost every four years since, including this year.


Tuesday was a big day for our nation, bringing hope and optimism to some and anxiety and worry to others and, as we await the conclusion of the matter, confusion and frustration to almost everyone. No matter how you voted in the election, times like these often shape our character and always reveal it. Our hearts are revealed as we reveal to the world where our hope lies and in whom we place our trust.


I hope you will join us this Sunday as we turn at this moment in our nation’s history to his words of comfort and hope in Psalm 47. We will do as the Psalm commands – take a moment to pause, reflect, and be reminded of the hope and security we have in the Lord Most High.