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Sunday Service 2/13

We love to receive gifts from loved ones. We especially love to receive gifts we love from loved ones. Have you ever received a gift from a loved one that you did not love? How did you react? How should you react?


At the end of the first chapter in Paul’s letter to the Philippians, Paul tells us that God, who loves us more than anyone, has given us two gifts: to believe in him and to suffer for him. You probably react differently to receiving those two gifts but they are gifts, nonetheless. How can we think and act when God graciously gives us the gift of suffering? Paul will answer that question in the verses we begin to study this week and the two weeks that follow.


Worship with us this week as we continue our study in Philippians 1:12-18. We have two service options at 8:30am and 11:00am with Sunday School in between at 9:45am. See you Sunday!