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Sunday Service 12/13

Some songs we enjoy even if we do not know what the song means. We love the rhythm, some of the lyrics, yet whatever meaning lies behind the music remains unknown. However, when we understand the back story, the song can begin to take on a whole new meaning.

This Sunday, as we continue our series Christmas Playlist: The Songs of Luke, we will look at Zechariah's song. This is a song where knowing the back story of both the author and the lyrics goes a long way toward helping one understand the meaning of the song. And as we will discover, knowing the meaning of this song is the first step in making it meaningful in an individual's life.


We hope you can join us this Sunday at 8:30 or 11:00am.

The 11:00am service is also live-streamed on:

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Posted by Meredith Collins at 8:30 PM