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Read Through the Bible in 2022

Let's Read Through the Bible Together in 2022!


Have you ever wanted to read through the entire Bible? Perhaps you have started a Bible reading plan in the past, yet as life got busy, you never completed the plan. Or would you like to read through it again?


We are here to help. Whether you have never read through the Bible, or if you have read through it many times in the past, we want to make 2022 the year that many of us here at WABC read through the entire Bible!


And to help, we are creating a Bible reading community where we will be able to support one another, receive encouragement (not pressure), share best practices, and also share some of the incredible blessings one has received from their reading of God’s Word.


We have a recommended Bible reading plan you can use, yet you can use whatever plan you prefer.


And to help you get off on the right track, we would like to invite you to join us on Sunday, January 2, in the Multi-purpose room at 5:00 pm. We will meet for a time of fellowship, enjoy some snacks and refreshments, and also provide you with some tools, strategies, and tips to help you begin this journey through God’s word.


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