Meet Our Members: The Haines Family

Andy and Melissa started dating in college in Wisconsin and were married 20 years as of August 6th. They have two kids – Brayden (15) and Lilly (almost 14). Andy has been the Purchasing Manager for William T. Burnett & Co for several years, and Melissa is the Quality and Operations Manager for Piedmont HealthCare. Brayden and Lilly will both attend North Iredell High School this year and are active in basketball and volleyball. Lilly also has big plans to someday play lacrosse.

Andy grew up in a Christian home and was always at church or church activities. He made a profession of faith when he was very young. Even though he believed in his heart, he always wondered if he said the words because he had grown up in church and that was what he was supposed to do. One day in college, he made a public affirmation of his belief in Jesus Christ and has never doubted since. Melissa was also raised in a Christian home and attended Independent Bible churches during childhood. She was saved at a young age following a Mother-Daughter banquet at church where the speaker discussed many things that made her question what would happen when she died. Both kids accepted Christ as well in elementary after the consistent teaching in the WABC children’s ministry.

Their family moved to NC in 2005 when Lilly was 2 months old and Brayden was 22 months old. WABC was the first church they visited, after scouring the internet for churches with a website that told more about their doctrinal beliefs and children’s ministry. On their first Sunday, Melissa told Andy that she felt like they were “home,” even though she couldn’t understand Skip’s southern accent very well. They visited other churches briefly and always came back to WABC, becoming members a couple of years later.

They had never gone to a church this size, and Melissa learned quickly that she needed to be proactive about finding a place that she could be involved as it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. In attempts to get to know people and be involved with music, she joined the choir several years ago, before moving on to play the keyboard and piano when needed. MOPS and working in the nursery also helped her to establish new friendships as a newbie at WABC. Andy has been involved with men’s basketball on Sunday nights for many years with Daniel Flowers and other church men. The kids have been very involved with activities over the years and are now adjusting to being in High School youth. Greg & Faith Mathews had a tremendous impact on both of them during middle school. Lilly has also been very involved with It’s Christmas since she was small.

Andy and Melissa appreciate the strong Gospel message being preached that challenges them every week. It doesn’t matter who the deliverer is, the message is consistent. Melissa also appreciates the strong music ministry. Brayden says he enjoys the fact that Jeff is interesting and Lilly’s favorite thing about WABC is attending Fall Retreat. The family looks forward to seeing the growth as a church its people step outside comfort zones and focus more on being welcoming, serving others in our church and community.

Posted by Meredith Collins at 8:00 AM