Meet Our Members: The Goodnights

Josh and Erica Goodnight have been married for 11 years in June. They met in Salisbury through mutual friends, were engaged nine months after dating and married nine months after engagement! The Goodnights have 2 children, Gage (age 8) and Ross (age 6). The couple owns Union Grove Lumber, which is an international lumber brokerage firm. They actively operate 7 warehouses throughout the United States, import from a number of countries, and ship to all 50 states and Canada. Their business, along with their growing boys, keep their family very busy. The family enjoys vacationing every chance they can get away from school and work!

Josh grew up attending church in Neel Road Baptist Church in Salisbury and was saved at a church youth camp. He was later baptized before marrying Erica at the church they were both attending and were wed in, Fairview Baptist Church in Statesville. Erica also was raised in church with her grandfather, Rev. Allen Lunsford, pastoring at Union Grove Christian Church in Union Grove. She was saved and baptized at age 8. Gage was dedicated to Christ at Fairview Baptist Church and in 2018 chose to accept Jesus as his savior and was baptized at Western Avenue Baptist Church. Ross is still learning and growing his walk with Christ; he loves his Sunday school class, teacher, and classmates.

Josh and Erica joined WABC in 2013 shortly after Ross was born. They arrived at Western Avenue after researching churches that would be a great fit to raise children in. They desired for their church body to embrace their children and nurture them to know Christ. They were welcomed with open arms and led around on their first Sunday visiting by Ed Dearman. Shortly thereafter, they found an adult Sunday school to call their own. The Goodnights decided to join WABC after their children made obvious declarations that they loved their church. It was at that point they knew that this was the church God intended for their family. Their children are happy and learning the word while Josh and Erica are filled with the spirit each Sunday; their family can carry these feelings with them through the week. 

Over the nearly 6 years that Josh and Erica have attended WABC, they stay connected through their Sunday school and the kids’ department. Erica has also served as a teacher for Equipping University and she currently serves on the Daughters By Grace (Women’s ministry team) along with the Finance Committee for the church.

If asked to name one thing that is most appreciated about WABC, the Goodnights would all agree- the Children’s Ministry. Without youth in a church, the church body is dying. The body at WABC is growing, vibrant and strong. The future is always unknown, but with a focus on the children of this world, an organization cannot go wrong. WABC has the right focus, the new building campaign is a great goal, and one that Josh and Erica stand behind 100%. Seeing it to fruition excites Josh, Erica, Gage and Ross alike.

Posted by Meredith Collins at 7:00 AM