Meet Our Members: The Gallinas

This week, we continue to meet our members at WABC and will get to know the Gallina family. John and Cori-Anne met while John was a construction manager and Cori-Anne was teaching at West Iredell Middle School in 2003. They have been married for 14 years and have three children; Jordan who is 18, Joseph who is 12, and Ella who is 9. 

John was born and raised in Iredell County. He graduated from North Iredell High School in 1997 and is a member of various groups in the community and state. John joined the Army National Guard in 1995 and served until 2005. He was injured while serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom in Iraq in 2004. John is the CEO and co-founder of Purple Heart Homes which began in 2008. Purple Heart Homes is a non-profit organization that assists disabled veterans of all war eras by providing affordable housing assistance. 

Cori-Anne was born in Pennsylvania and raised in Alaska. She lived in Alaska for 18 years before moving to North Carolina in 2000. Cori-Anne is a public school teacher and teaches at West Iredell Middle School. This will be her 17th year of teaching middle school. 

Jordan enjoys baking and spending time with her friends and family. Joseph and Ella are involved in sports, baseball, soccer, volleyball and softball.

John was raised in a Baptist church. He accepted Christ when he was 13 years old and was baptized in 2003. Cori-Anne was raised in a Catholic home. She accepted Christ in high school and was baptized in 1998. Jordan accepted Christ in 2008 and was baptized in 2010. Joseph accepted Christ in 2015 and was baptized in 2015. Ella accepted Christ in 2018 and was baptized in 2018. 

John and Cori-Anne joined Western Avenue Baptist July 1st 2017. They had been seeking God for direction on where to grow and serve in the church with their family. As they drove through town they would see Western Avenue, but had never been there. They went on the website to learn more about the church and started visiting in February 2017. They became members of the church about five months later. They felt God wanted them at Western Avenue to serve their community further. Currently, John and Cori-Anne serve on the Hospitality Committee and look forward to serving in additional areas as the Lord leads them. One thing that excites John and Cori-Anne is that their children enjoy their Sunday School class and learning about the Lord. They enjoy the many activities that Western Avenue provides and that they foster time for fellowship and friendship building, as well as fun Gospel learning.

Posted by Meredith Collins at 6:00 AM