Meet Our Members: The Flowers Family

Daniel and Kaley met at North Iredell High School and started dating in 1994. They have been married for 18 years and have two daughters, Kaydan and Kelsey, who are 12 and 10. Daniel works for Energy United as a GIS Supervisor, and has been there for 20 years. Kaley is an accountant and works for a public accounting firm in Statesville. Both Kaydan and Kelsey are involved in sports, so most of the family's time is spent at practices and games.

Kaley is a Statesville native and grew up in a Baptist church here, one her Papaw helped to start. Her parents had her in church every time the doors were open. She was saved at the age of 8 and baptized. Daniel grew up attending a Methodist church until he and Kaley were married. He came to know Christ when he was 22 and was baptized.  

The Flowers began attending WABC in 2011. They had been praying about visiting other churches when a sweet friend emailed Kaley out of the blue one day and invited her to an event at Western Avenue. It was a mom's night out hosted by Carrie Allen, so of course Kaley was hooked! They attended services that Sunday and have been here ever since. The size of the church was intimidating at first, but the people were so welcoming and friendly that the size didn't seem to matter anymore. They were looking for a church that offered opportunities for their children to learn and grow, a church that was biblically grounded, and a place where they could all meet other believers with whom to build relationships. They found all of that at Western Avenue.  

When asked what their favorite thing about Western Avenue is, Kaydan and Kelsey both agreed on the children's ministry with Mrs. Ann, and that all of the teachers and helpers they've had on Sundays and Wednesdays are really kind.  

Sometimes it's difficult in a bigger church to find where one "fits in," but Western Avenue seems to try to support lots of different ministries. Kaley helped to organize the Run for God classes at Western Avenue for several years, and was able to meet so many new friends through that. It was truly a blessing to be able to be a part of that and have the support of the church. Daniel has been organizing the men's basketball ministry on Sunday nights for the last couple of years and has enjoyed being able to meet other men through that.  

The Flowers appreciate that the Bible is taught and the gospel is preached at Western Avenue every single week. They have learned so much through the sermons and Bible studies that are offered here. They are looking forward to continuing to grow spiritually, continuing to meet other members, and hopefully get plugged in to other ministry opportunities. 

Posted by Meredith Collins at 6:00 AM