Meet Our Members: Carl and Lynn Dunkin

This week, we will get to know Carl and Lynn Dunkin. Carl’s father was a Baptist minister in East Texas and Carl accepted Jesus at a young age. Lynn’s story is long, but here is the fast version: Born into Catholicism, 2 years of Catholic school, wanted to be a nun, parents divorced, attended Lutheran, Episcopal churches, Jewish stepfather, attended Jewish Temple.  Thankfully in 4thgrade, after telling her mother she could not be Jewish because she believed in Jesus, her mom allowed her to go to church with a good friend where she attended Sunday school and GAs with her. She attended her aunt’s Methodist church in Middle and High school and was very active in the youth group. She became a Christian in that youth group.  

Carl and Lynn met in Physical Therapy school. Carl was working as a choir director at a local Baptist Church and when they became closer, Lynn was baptized into the Baptist church. They were married in 1986 and attended Green Acres Baptist Church in Tyler, Texas. They moved to Statesville in 1994 with their 2 children, Leslie and Kayla, when Carl accepted the position of director of Rehab at Iredell Memorial Hospital. They immediately met some great friends and joined a sister church in this area even though it was very different in the style of worship they were used to. After some time, they became hungry for more expository bible teaching from the pulpit and Carl was missing choir. (They had an amazing, Bible teaching Sunday school teacher!) Their children were attending Statesville Christian School and they decided to visit WABC. After several months of attending both churches, they asked their children which church they felt would be best for their family. “Western Avenue” was the answer and when asked why, they said, “Because they teach the Bible!”. Well out of the mouths of babes, that was it! They joined WABC around 1997. Carl joined the choir, which he still loves today! The Dunkins have served in many areas of the church; 4-6thgrade choir leaders and high school Sunday school shepherds. Carl has served on the personnel committee and as a deacon. Lynn is currently serving in Good News Club. They raised their girls here, and watched them grow and mature in the Lord. Carl and Lynn are so thankful for their godly son in laws and the blessing to watch their grown children, raising their grandchildren in the church with the Lord at the center of their lives.  

After 22 years at Western Avenue, the Dunkins love this church more now than ever. The people of this church are their friends, family, brothers and sisters in Christ. They are so grateful for our staff, led by Skip Cartin and Jeff Spry, and their faithful teaching of God’s word. They are thankful Jesus and the gospel is the priority of this church. They look forward to the continued Biblical teaching, continued growth in the Lord and relationships with our church family. They look forward to seeing how the Lord will continue to grow WABC to impact the community of Statesville and continue to spread the gospel around the world.  

Posted by Meredith Collins at 8:00 AM