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Joy Prom Volunteer Registration

After having to cancel the last two years, Joy Prom 2022 is back on! Our event is scheduled for Friday, May 13, at the Statesville Civic Center. Registration for volunteers is now open and you can register here:


Perhaps you are asking, “What is the Joy Prom?” The simple answer is that it is an event for individuals with special needs ages 14 and up and their families. Our guests are treated to a free evening of fun activities, including photo booths, dancing, pamper stations, and entertainment. You can see a highlight video from a past Joy Prom here:


But the Joy Prom is even more. It is a night where the body of Christ comes together to share the love of Christ with some incredibly special people within our community. And we do it ALL for the glory of Christ. Many of our special guests have never attended a prom. So this is their big night to shine and have the spotlight directed on them. People with special needs are treated like kings and queens as we bend over backward to show that we both love and care for them.


What will you experience as a volunteer? After spending several hours in fellowship with our special guest, the visible disabilities that were at first apparent will fade away as your eyes are opened to see our special needs friends as people like you and I, created in the image of God. People have told me that after the Joy Prom, they no longer saw the wheelchair, the walker, or the disability.  Instead, they saw the man or woman who is loved and cherished by God.


My prayer is that the long-lasting impact of Joy Prom 2022 would be that it serves as a reminder that the Lord providentially places individuals in our path every single day. If we truly understand the gospel as the power of God that leads to salvation, we will be compelled to see those that cross our path with new eyes as we “let our light shine” before others by showing the love and compassion of Christ.


More information is available on our website here:


We need your help! Please volunteer if you can and spread the word to others within our community. 
Thank you!


In Christ,

Andy Lackey
Associate Pastor | Western Avenue Baptist Church
704-872-4139 |