Living Everyday Life with a Gospel Intentionality

Evangelism can feel so overwhelming. We know this is something God has called us as Christians to do, but to many it feels like a daunting task. We are supposed to go save the entire world. How is that even possible? The new series we are going through on Sunday mornings, "Who's Your One?" helps us to make evangelism feel more doable. All we have to do is start with ONE. We've been looking at how Jesus shares the Gospel, to get a pattern on how we should do the same and so we can learn from the master evangelist himself. We see that everyone needs the gospel. Nicodemus needed the gospel just like the woman at the well needed the Gospel. 

Looking at John 4 and the story of the woman at the well, we see several truths about evangelism. 

Evangelism requires Christians to be intentional. Jesus went to Samaria and stayed an additional two days. This was a place Jews just did not go. So the fact that Jesus went there is very intentional. Jesus had a specific purpose in his visit - to share the Gospel with the woman at the well. We realize through this story that evangelism will never "just happen". There is no way this woman would have ever come to Jesus. Jesus had to go to her. We are to go through our everyday life, but with an intentionality of the Gospel underlying everything. What can I do intentionally to share the Gospel? How can I start a conversation with someone? Can I invite them over to dinner? How can we do ordinary life with a Gospel intentionality?

Evangelism requires Christians to overcome certain barriers to evangelism. People may wonder why we are even talking to them? There was a huge issue of race/ethnicity with Jews and Samaritans, yet Jesus approached a Samaritan female. We have to overcome barriers to reach people with the Gospel. Jesus even drank from the Samaritan woman's cup, which would have been a very taboo thing to do in this time period. 

Evangelism will require you to move from the physical to the spiritual realm. Meeting people's physical needs is wonderful, but unless we focus on sharing the Gospel while we are meeting those physical needs, it's not evangelism. We see this as Jesus tells the Samarian woman about the everlasting water. Not just the physical water she is getting from the well where they are standing, but the everlasting water that will cause her to never thirst again!

Evangelism requires us to talk about a person's greatest need... sin. The Samaritan woman's only hope of rescue was to find her satisfaction in Christ. People must see they are lost before they can be found. We can meet that need with exactly what they need... Jesus!

To help you on this journey of reaching your ONE, we have a 30-day prayer guide and bookmark to guide and encourage you along the way. 

Posted by Meredith Collins at 10:57 AM