Follow Jesus Now - The Gospel of Mark

This week, we began our new sermon series in Mark. Over the years, we've covered other gospels, but never Mark, so this will be our next study! This gospel is the shortest of the four. There is no birth narrative, none of Jesus's childhood and not many parables. This gospel is really a collections of scenes/snapshots to show who Jesus is and what he did. Almost like an old slideshow... we see Jesus did this and then this happened. Mark is telling his reader why the people in Rome can trust and believe in Jesus, to the point of losing their own life.

Mark shares the good news and the gospel of Jesus. He will teach us about who Jesus is. Mark shows us that God will always keep his promises. God is not shocked by sin. He can be trusted even in moments of silence. 

The gospel is a call to repent from our sins. Judgement is coming. The time is now to get right with God and repent for your sins. Reptence and the gospel go hand-in-hand. Repentence is turning around and going the other way. The gospel is a call to keep our eyes on Jesus Christ only. John the Baptist shows us this as he points only to Jesus and wants to take all the attention off himself. He says he is not worthy to even untie Jesus's sandals. All the glory goes to Jesus. 

Posted by Meredith Collins at 9:00 AM