Congratulations on your Retirement, Ellen!

Dr. Ellen Fox joined our WABC staff in January 2005 as the Director of the Marriage and Family Enrichment Center. After serving with us for nearly 15 years, she is retiring.

Ellen, we want to thank you for all the care you have provided to WABC members and the community. Ellen has provided individual, marital, family and group psychotherapy to approximately 1,300  children and adults. She has also taught during our Wednesday night Equipping University. Ellen says her work at WABC has been absolutely a joy.

"We've had clients of multiple faiths represented as well as those who profess no faith," Ellen said. "I've been privileged to be Christ's image bearer to those who have never known Him! I've had the joy of serving three generations of families."

Thank you, Ellen for faithfully serving the kingdom in this very important way! 

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Posted by Meredith Collins at 4:58 PM