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Missions Archive

Missions Archive

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We minister in Cabimas, Venezuela, in the state of Zulia, which is situated on Lake Maracaibo.  Our purpose is to encourage the local church, First Baptist Church of Cabimas (Primero Iglesia Bautista de Cabimas - PIBC), and assist them in evangelizing Cabimas and surrounding areas.

With regard to helping them evangelize, we recognize that they must continue the work when we are gone. Our presence demands activities that help focus the members of PIBS on fulfilling the Great Commission. Consequently, they perform follow up and discipleship for new believers. Also, they must think to identify areas for us and minister to those areas. Our greatest strength is not that we are great evangelists, but that we are Gringos and are gifted with attracting attention. This helps the church members to break the ice with people in a neighborhood. We also provide supplies and assistance with their VBS, including busing children from all over the city to the church and helping them manage the children. We encourage the local church by fellowshipping with the believers there and provide focused Bible teaching that resonates with the teaching they receive each week from their pastor and church leaders.


Jim and Lois Pemberton