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Missions Archive

Missions Archive

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London Bridges

London Bridges is a joint project involving multiple ministries of CRU (Campus Crusade for Christ), the Southern Baptist International Mission Board, and Western Avenue Baptist Church located in Statesville, NC.  The project is designed to train volunteers from all over the world to mass-distribute Arabic New Testaments, Jesus films and other materials.

Each summer thousands of Gulf Arabs come to London for vacation.  Most of them have never had a single opportunity to hear the truth about Jesus. London Bridges is an innovative way to share the Gospel with those who may have never heard. While it is illegal to evangelize or distribute Bibles in the home countries of most of these Arabs, summertime in London provides the opportunity to share Jesus with them. Many will be exposed to the Gospel for the very first time. Some will view the Jesus films and read the New Testaments while in the UK.  Hopefully, others will find ways to take the materials back to the Arabian Peninsula and share them with family members where it is both difficult and dangerous to evangelize.

The work is done in small teams focusing on seed sowing through distribution and building personal relationships when the opportunity arises.  While the primary task is distribution, there are also many opportunities to share the Gospel. Daily work begins after lunch with training, worship, prayer and sharing. There are opportunities for doing relational work in the parks, prayer walking and concentrated prayer focusing on the Arab countries.  Evenings will be spent on the streets, where Arabs gather, distributing packets containing Arabic New Testaments and Arabic Jesus Films on DVDs as well as other languages.


Sam Morrow

Brent Bowman