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Missions Archive

Missions Archive

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Commission to Every Nation (CTEN)

CTEN gives logistical and spiritual support to missionaries in a variety of ministries.  In our case, our ministry consists mainly of training, developing, and enabling Christians so they are active in the fulfillment of our Lord’s Great Commission.  We do this through training/teaching and coaching ministries as well as through pastoring a church.

Training and teaching are mainly in the areas of Biblical Narrative and Theological Education.  We are involved in training lay people, missionaries and pastors, in the use of Biblical Narrative to evangelize, disciple, and plant churches.  Carlos teaches at institutions such as the local seminary, a training center for missionaries and a local Christian school, looking to develop students in their understanding and use of theology.

Cornelia’s coaching helps people who respond to the missions call through the process to get them to their field, as well as missionaries in difficult situations overcome them so they can be fully involved in their mission.  Pastoring a church combines our heart and giftedness in shepherding and organizing as we lead the people God has given us to know Him more, love Him more, and serve Him in loving and serving others.


Carlos and Cornelia Miranda




Camino Real Momoxpan-Cholula 508
Santiago Momoxpan
San Pedro Cholula, PUE
72760 Mexico

704.469.3922 (rings in our home in Puebla)