Local Missions

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Current Outreach Opportunities

Prayer Evangelism Training:

This training was led by Katie Hatchett to prepare us to be mindful of the different ways that we can minister to those around us through prayer.  There is a short audio presentation that can be followed along with a handout that you can download here.  

May God make all of us more mindful of how we can be a blessing to those around us.


Fall/Winter Powercross Discipleship        

We are inviting men of the church to consider being a part of the discipleship ministry of Powercross this fall.  Please contact Brian with any questions and to indicate your interest in this important opportunity to help shape the next generation. brian@westernavenue.org


Evangelism Training

More coming soon in Spring 2022.

Toys for Tots

Contact: Brian Pestotnik

Toys for Tots

December 18, 9am - 4pm  

We will be distributing pre-arranged and packaged toys to needy families from the Fellowship Hall.  Please sign up for a 1 hour slot to help us serve these families:


Brookwood Inn (Temporary Housing)

Contact: Rick and Connie Darnell

What: Discipleship on a personal level. To meet people where they are and bring them to meet the Savior through acts of kindness, individual conversations, and group activities. Praying to make a difference for Christ one life at a time.  Events at Brookwood Inn include serving food, having conversations with guests, giving out clothing, school supplies, etc.

When: Varied times: next service opportunity Sept.11 Back to School Bash-school supply/ clothing giveaway.

Where: Brookwood Inn on East Broad Street behind Starbucks and several South Statesville locations.

Child Evangelism Fellowship (Good News Clubs)

Contact: Lois Pemberton


What/When/Where: Volunteers for Good News Club. Western Avenue sponsors three clubs: Cool Spring (Mondays 2:20pm-3:50pm) Third Creek (Wednesdays 2:25pm-4:00pm) and Statesville Christian (Mondays 2:45pm-4:30pm). Each club is in need of volunteers to serve as Shepherds, who disciple and build relationships with the children, and Teachers, who are willing to be trained present the Bible lesson, memory verse, songs, missionary story or review game at their club. 


The CEF office coordinates all the Good News Clubs in the Iredell-Statesville Schools. If you are interested in volunteering in a school that is not WABC sponsored the CEF office can provide you with the information you need.


What: Help prepare mailings, training materials, and ministry brochures. 

When: As needed/weekly.

Where: Western Avenue Baptist Church


What: Donation of items: The majority of our clubs offer pre-packaged snacks and drinks and small prize incentives (for memory verse memorization) during their clubs. Some of the clubs also collect school supplies to distribute to children in their club when they see a need. A few of the clubs also collect coats and toys to distribute during the Christmas Clubs to families in need. If you would be interested in donating any of those types of items, you can contact our office and we will be sure your donated items are distributed to where there is the greatest need.

When: now throughout the year.

Grill 4 God

Contact: Julie Rodin

What: Help prepare grilled chicken and serve to those in need.  

G4G is a Ministries committed to glorifying our awesome God by serving and ministering to those in need physically and spiritually with our mobile grilling and ministry impact team.

Where:  Varied locations

When: Varied times

Men's Ministry Work Projects

Contact: Wilson Ruth


What: Helping those in our church or community who can greatly benefit from basic home repairs, building wheel chair ramps, trimming bushes/trees, blowing leaves and mowing properties that have been neglected.

When: As needed. The work is usually done on Saturday mornings for 2-4 hours

Where: Throughout Iredell County


Pregnancy Resource Center

Contact: Julie Rodin or David Moss


What: Truth Girlz Mentoring: Abstinence mentoring.  www.truthgirlz.org

When: Meets one day a week from 3:30-5:00

What: Sexual Risk Avoidance Educator needed for 6th grade girls- Part time job.

When: Weekly


What: Volunteer client mentors/receptionists are needed, especially with Spanish speaking abilities.

When: Weekly


What: There is a need for cleaning the bathrooms and floors of the PRC.

When: Weekly


Where: 1710 Davie Avenue, Statesville


Training is available for these positions.


What: Life Walk Fund Raiser: This is one of 2 annual fundraisers for PRC.  Captains are needed to help rally individuals and raise support.  Small groups, journey groups, Sunday School classes or neighborhoods could join together to raise awareness of PRC while raising money. 

When: 2022

Where: Statesville High School


Donations are always welcome: diapers, wipes, new baby bottles, formulas, etc.


Contact: Brian Pestotnik or Cara Houston

What: You can volunteer to purchase food supplies or prepare meals or serve meals.

When: Weekly, once a month, etc. Food preparation is 9-1. Serving is 4-7 both  are needed M-TH.

What: Gospel-sharing educational mentors of elementary students up through high school AP courses are needed.

When: Daily M-Th 3-6

What: One on one disciplers are needed.

When: Weekly 6-7pm.

What: Gospel-sharing coaches for football, baseball, basketball and wrestling are needed. 

When: Daily per season

What: Repair people of HVAC, lawn-equipment, buses and vans are needed. 

When: As needed.

What: Someone to deep clean the facilities is needed.

When: Weekly

What: Someone to scan receipts is needed.

When: Weekly

Where: 1133 W. Front Street Statesville


Contact: Paul Veach

What: Food clean up.

When: After the meeting each Wednesday evening.

Where: WABC

South Statesville

World Relief

Contact: Brian Pestotnik

What: Home set up for a newly arriving asylum seeking family.  Fully preparing a home for a family to live and begin a new life in the US.  We need someone or people who would like to spearhead this project.

When:  No specific dates- but at minimum 1x a year.

Where: The home will be in the Winston- Salem/Greensboro area.

SYBA Food Pantry

Contact: Brian Pestotnik

What:  To assemble and serve food in a food pantry distribution point.

When:  Wednesday 9:30-11:30 am.

Where: On the corner of W. Front Street and S. Miller Ave next to Front Street Baptist Church

Kairos (Men's Prison Ministry)

Contact: Michael Furr


 What: Men’s prison ministry partner who befriend, encourage and participate in a ministry weekend in a local prison. 45-50 vaccinated men needed for that weekend

When: 2x a year October and March. It’s a 4 day weekend from 6am-9pm daily. 

Where: Training-Granite Falls. Prison: Taylorsville, NC


What: Cookie bakers and packagers.  There are about 70,000 cookies that are given away over the weekend to the prisoners, guards, staff, etc.

When: Weeks leading up to each weekend.


What: Food preparers for the meals that will be provided for the prisoners that weekend.

Where: Hickory Cove Bible Camp Kitchen


What: Food runners for the meals from Hickory Cove Bible Camp to the prison in Taylorsville.


What: Prayer warriors for the weekend.

When: Each hour of the weekend is covered in prayer.


Financial donations of $5 a meal will allow someone to receive a mean with someone’s name with a card at the plate.  

Children make placemats for the prisoners at meal time.

Iredell County Fair

Contact: Karen Donaldson

What:  Serving the fair workers of the County Fair through haircuts and food service.

When:  September 2022 

Where:  Iredell County Fairgrounds in Troutman

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