International Missions

Get Involved

Jesus told His followers to leave home and travel the globe to tell others about Him. We have sent individuals from our church to many different countries around the world. Want to get involved in one of our international missions projects, or maybe have an idea you want to get going? 



Evangelism Training

Would you like to be trained in how to share the Gospel more effectively?

Starting in September we will be having monthly evangelism training days. Once a month we will meet to encourage each other and learn from others how to share the Gospel and minister in different contexts. This training time will include worship, prayer, and a Gospel tool to equip you to share more effectively. 


Meet in Multi-Purpose Room from 9:00 am - 10:00 am.


September 18 - Brian Pestotnik

October 9 - Sam Morrow

November 6 - Katie Hatchett