Group Discussion Questions

1 Corinthians 15:29-34

When Paul talks about people being baptized from the dead, there have been many explanations given as to what this might mean. What do you think Paul was talking about? Have you ever heard a possible explanation not mentioned in the sermon that makes sense to you?

Regardless of what Paul was referring to, what was his main point in v. 29?

What are some “things” we do as Christians that would be foolish if there were no resurrection from the dead?

Do you have a favorite Christian biography? Please share with the group if you do.

Do you know anyone who has ever suffered for their faith? Have you?

What type of persecution do you think we might have to experience as our culture becomes more and more at odds with our faith?

What practical application can be derived from the statement, “Bad company ruins good morals?”

Do you have any examples of how others have influenced your walk with Christ, either positively or negatively?

How does our resurrection hope help us obey the command to “not go on sinning?”

What strategies have been helpful when you have struggled with a particular sin?   

We desire that everyone who attends Western Avenue to be connected to our community. There are various ways in which this can happen, but we want to expand some of the most strategic connecting ministries of the church: Journey Groups and Small Groups. 


Journey Groups 

Weekly, same-gender groups of 3-5 people that meet for prayer, Bible study, fellowship, and accountability.



Small Groups 

Weekly co-ed groups of 5+ people, and may include singles and couples. We have found that 10-12 people can be ideal. These groups are focused especially on Fellowship, but will have times of prayer and Bible-based discussion.



Discipleship in Community

Part 1


Part 2


Journey Group Testimonial