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First Mission Trip

Milestone #4: First Mission Trip

At the core of following Jesus is the Great Commission. What a joy and a blessing it is to take the good news of Jesus Christ into all the world. As a church, we are dedicated to loving God and loving people. The most loving thing we can do for someone is to tell them about Jesus.

While you are training your children to live on this mission every day, we understand there will come a time with you will want to take them on their first mission trip. This might be a local, domestic, or foreign mission trip.


As you prepare for your first mission trip, please let us know. We want to be able to pray for you and commission you in a special way as you head out with your team.

First Mission Trip

This may be a local mission trip, domestic trip, foreign trip, youth mission trip, or a mission trip you take as a family. We want to help support you as you go and take your child or student with you.

Ready for this Milestone?

Contact the office for ideas, resources, and commissioning.