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For some people, the words "Sunday School" bring to mind sitting in uncomfortable chairs in musty basement rooms where a teacher spoke of some people from the Bible while slowly moving cardboard figures across a felt board.


If that's the case with you - THINGS HAVE CHANGED! At Western Avenue Baptist Church, Sunday School is a time to come together with new and old friends in bright, clean rooms with talented and gifted teachers to study God's Word in exciting and challenging ways.  Think of it as small groups on Sunday morning.


We meet each Sunday morning at 9:45 for an hour of Bible study. We open God's Word to see what truths we can uncover to guide us in the week to come. We have classes for all ages - from infants to our most senior adults. We invite you to take a look at the classes listed below and discover the class that is just perfect for you.  


Preschool Kids Students Adults