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Equipping University Archive

Equipping University Archive

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The Twelve Most Important Dates In Christian History

Room 151
Teacher: Andy Lackey

Christ’s church has been active for two thousand years. In the last two millennia, an incredible selection of world-changing events have taken place – the Fall of Jerusalem, the Council at Nicaea, the Battle of Tours, Gutenberg’s printing press, Luther’s 95 theses, Billy Graham’s Los Angeles Crusade, and many more. Tis study will trace the history of the church and present it in an enjoyable, understandable way that will breathe new life into your understanding of your Christian heritage. Church history is important not merely for curious and nostalgic thoughts of the past but for its ability to teach in the present. A study of church history teaches the events of the past which have led to the present and now looks to the future. The local church will gain a good grasp on where it is going if it knows where it has been. More importantly, church history is the unfolding of the eternal counsel of God through Jesus Christ. Therefore, a study of church history leads us to see the glory and wonder of the works of God.

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