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Equipping University Archive

Equipping University Archive

Looking for resources or media from that long lost Equipping University Class of yesteryear?  You've come to the right place!  Click on a class below to get the goodies.  If you don't see the class listed for which you are looking, then there are no downloads available.


The Sermon on the Mount

Room 151
Teacher: Andy Lackey

The Sermon on the Mount is the best-known and most-beloved sermon ever preached. In this sermon, Jesus teaches truths so rich and powerful that even a lifetime of study could not exhaust their depths. The sermon is recorded in Matthew 5-7 where Jesus shows himself to be the promised King as he announces the kingdom of God and demonstrates its power. It is the sermon where Jesus teaches the Beatitudes as well as what we know as the Lord’s Prayer. In this twelve-week class, we will explore how this sermon equips us to live a kingdom life in a fallen world. We will look at the sermon’s teachings on such topics as living counterculturally, the secret of true happiness, how to deal with anger and temptation, how to pray, the deeper implications of the law of God, and how the foundational knowledge of God as Father is the cure for all our anxieties.

Available Media

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