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Equipping University Archive

Equipping University Archive

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The Millenium

Room 154
Teacher: Jeff Spry

There are many attempting to tell us what the future holds in 2011. It is possible that some of these predictions will be proven to be true. However, it is impossible to” know” the future. Christians who believe the Bible are in a different situation. We still cannot know the future but we can know God who does know the future infallibly and has revealed what He thinks we need to know about the future. Of all He has given us in the Bible, the primary lesson is that we can have absolute confidence in Him and His perfect will. The study of the future events is often called “eschatology,” which means “last things.” In this course, we will examine the Bible’s teaching on the second coming of Christ, the millennium, the final judgment, eternal punishment for unbelievers, and the eternal reward for believers. While these issues are hotly debated within the Church, we must be reminded regularly that the study of eschatology is not as concerned with the study of “last things” as it is with the study of the “last one.”  

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