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Equipping University Archive

Equipping University Archive

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Fellowship Hall
Teacher: Jeff Spry

The Book of Revelation, by its very name, is an uncovering and vivid disclosure of invisible realities. And yet, modern readers confronted with bizarre images of ten-horned beasts and human-faced locusts are often left wondering, “What in the world does this book mean?”  Revelation is a book of “symbols in motion” that is permeated with the idea of worship communicated through multiple appeals to the Old Testament.  It was an immense help to the persecuted readers who received the letter in the first century and it remains a useful, beneficial, and important book for us today. In this initial section of a year-long study, we will discover how to interpret Revelation, understand what kind of literature it is, and how it equips us today to live faithful lives in the face of any situation.  As we work our way through the first three chapters, we will see that our churches today are a lot like the churches of the first century. Their problems and temptations are ours. However, if we understand Revelation as it is intended, we will trust, love, and fear Jesus more than we do right now.

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