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Equipping University Archive

Equipping University Archive

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Reading Pilgrim’s Progress Together

Room 149
Teacher: Jeff Spry

The Pilgrim’s Progress, written by John Bunyan over 300 years ago while imprisoned for preaching the Gospel, is the most sold book in the English language besides the Bible. In spite of its popularity in the past, many people today are not familiar with this masterpiece. If you have read it many times or have never read it at all, you are invited to read along with the rest of your classmates and join in the discussion each week as we travel together through Bunyan’s allegorical world. We will learn  the truth that our present life is an ongoing spiritual journey. When Christ liberates a sinner from the power of sin, he extends an invitation to a lifetime of discipleship that must deal with many trials, dangers, and obstacles that attempt to lure you off God’s intended path. However, as your journey to the Celestial City continues, you will encounter God’s grace and faithfulness at every step.

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