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Equipping University Archive

Equipping University Archive

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Moses: How God Made A Leader For His People

Room 153
Teacher: Jim Pemberton

Moses wrote the first Bible that the Hebrews knew. He led the entire nation of Hebrews out of one country and to the border of the land that was promised to them for their own country. God spoke to Moses directly and used him to give the blessing of the Law to the Hebrews. But Moses was once a self-appointed fool who managed to do nothing on his own but go into exile for murdering an Egyptian. In the books of the Bible that he wrote, Moses lets us in on some important conversations with God and other accounts that give us some insight on ways that God worked in his life to make him the leader that God wanted for His people. God still uses ways like this today to build each of His people into what we call the Priesthood of All Believers. In this class we will investigate these accounts and look for God’s work in our lives.

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