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Equipping University Archive

Equipping University Archive

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Living With The Tension

Room 149
Teacher: Jeff Spry

There are many today who claim the Bible is full of mistakes. Some point to alleged contradictions in the Scriptures and others point to alleged logical impossibilities. As evangelicals, we believe there are no contradictions in the inspired Word of God. However, we must also admit there are several doctrines presented in the Bible that challenge our understanding even as we accept these teachings by faith as the Spirit leads us. For example, how could God create everything out of nothing? How can God be three and yet one? How can Jesus be 100% God and also 100% man at the same time? How can God be sovereign and mankind be responsible? How can a God of love sentence any of his creatures to an eternal hell? Theological problems like these are often the source of much frustration and confusion inside and outside of the church. In this class, we will examine these issues and others to reveal that even though God’s thoughts are higher than our thoughts, we can think about these issues in such a way that we come away with satisfactory answers and continue to move towards an ever deepening worship of the Lord.  

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