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Equipping University Archive

Equipping University Archive

Looking for resources or media from that long lost Equipping University Class of yesteryear?  You've come to the right place!  Click on a class below to get the goodies.  If you don't see the class listed for which you are looking, then there are no downloads available.


Living So That: A Call to Action

Room 154 - Women Only
Teacher: Jenny Armstrong

Life is messy and God knows that. He gave us the Bible to equip us to live out our faith in the midst of our messy lives. Each new day can bring with it a myriad of issues and problems and each issue and problem requires that a choice be made. We can choose to make "faith-filled" choices or we can choose to make "faith-less" choices. The faith-less choices occur when we react out of our emotions. Faith-filled choices are harder to make and they occur when we react out of a spirit-led heart and mind. In this study, we will examine many of the "so that" verses scattered throughout the New Testament. These "so that" verses will equip us to make more faith-filled choices and fewer faith-less choices. Because these verses cover a wide variety of topics, too many to cover in one study, we will focus on the following themes: Jesus came so that...  God spoke so that...  Pray so that...  Trials come so that...  Let your light shine so that...