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Equipping University Archive

Equipping University Archive

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Lifelines: The Ten Commandments for Today

Room 149
Teacher: David Moss

In the last several years, the Ten Commandments have been in the news many times. Towns and villages across America have entered into court battles to keep or remove the Ten Commandments from public places. It seems everyone has an opinion on their place in our American culture. It is true that almost everyone has heard of the Ten Commandments and some in the church can even list them all. However, there are few who truly realize that these ancient laws remain wholly relevant in our modern lives. The Ten Commandments are profitable to us today because they were given to us by our loving God so that we could be all we are meant to be. His commands reveal life’s very meaning and clarify the importance of our relations with Him and all others. God showed his great love and mercy towards us when He spoke from within the fire on Mount Sinai by steering us from our tendency towards self-destruction and preparing us to live for his glory. God has spoken in these “ten words.” For that very reason, our highest aspiration should be to hear and follow what he has revealed to us.  

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