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Equipping University Archive

Equipping University Archive

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Room 157
Teacher: Jeff Durham

Leviticus suffers from a poor reputation with most Christians, many of whom still see it as an impenetrable book that has not been relevant for two thousand years. However, our problem is not that the message of Leviticus is unclear or irrelevant but that it is too clear and too hard-hitting. In a culture that loves the color grey, Leviticus is unashamedly black and white. It is not difficult to understand but it is very uncomfortable once we do understand it. The book collides violently with our way of thinking about God as a commodity that we can use to our advantage whenever we find it convenient. We want to go our own way but Leviticus will not let us do so easily. Instead, Leviticus teaches us that it is God, not we, who determines the rules of our relationship. There is a way to draw near to God but God establishes the path, not us, and Christ has made this possible. Therefore, Leviticus is good news. It is good news for sinners who seek pardon, for priests who need empowering, for women who are vulnerable, for the unclean who covet cleansing, for the poor who yearn for freedom, for the marginalized who seek dignity, for animals that demand protection, for families that require strengthening, for communities that want fortifying and for creation that stands in need of care. All these issues and more are addressed in a positive way in Leviticus