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Equipping University Archive

Equipping University Archive

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Room 156
Teacher: Andy Lackey

For most believers, the New Testament book of James is beloved. It is eminently practical and full of vivid exhortations to live a godly life. It offers concrete counsel on multiple issues that confront Christians everyday: trials, poverty, riches, favoritism, social justice, controlling one’s tongue, worldliness, boasting, planning, prayer, illness, and more. James will penetrate your heart and stir you to action in faith. Many Christians are confused how these two themes – faith and works – can coexist in the life of a believer. Some say Christianity is all about obedience and are charged with legalism. Others say Christianity is only about faith and are charged with not caring about holiness. We must understand the relationship between faith and works and in this book the brother of Jesus and son of Joseph and Mary teaches us that the two not only belong together – they must remain together throughout our lives.  

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