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Equipping University Archive

Equipping University Archive

Looking for resources or media from that long lost Equipping University Class of yesteryear?  You've come to the right place!  Click on a class below to get the goodies.  If you don't see the class listed for which you are looking, then there are no downloads available.


Immerse: The Bible Reading Experience

Room 149
Teacher: Sam Morrow

Cost of Immerse Reading Bible - $10

In this class, we will go through a survey of what is referred to as Chronicles: the remaining First Testament Books: Chronicles–Ezra–Nehemiah, Esther, and Daniel. These works were all written after the Jewish people fell under the control of foreign empires and were scattered among the nations. They remind God’s chastened people of their identity and calling to faithfully represent God to the nations and that there is still hope for the struggling dynasty of David.

The goal will be for each participant to read through these books for themselves, and then engage in a “book club” discussion, simply talking about what they’ve read in honest, unmediated conversations. It’s intentionally uncomplicated. There are no right or wrong answers and no workbooks. Instead, you will talk through questions like, “What stood out to you this week?” or “Was there anything confusing or troubling?”  By simply reading and then gathering once per week in “book club” style groups, you will have a place to voice your questions, talk about your concerns, and celebrate “aha!” moments together with others.