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Equipping University Archive

Equipping University Archive

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How to Study and Teach the Bible

Room 149
Teachers: Skip Cartin & Jeff Spry

God’s Word is to be trusted and obeyed. If you do not trust the Bible and are not prepared to obey what it says, you cannot fully understand what God is saying. However, having the right attitude about the Bible is not all that is necessary for understanding its meaning any more than having the right attitude about woodworking enables a person to build beautiful furniture because there is a right and wrong way to build. It is not enough to simply trust and obey – one must also be prepared to work to understand it. Certain skills must be developed and certain methods must be followed. In this course, we will study the methods and develop the skills necessary to penetrate the context of biblical passages and use that knowledge to interpret and apply the Scriptures. We will also examine the principles and methods needed to accurately teach that same information and apply those same principles to others in a way that is relevant, exciting, and edifying.

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