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Equipping University Archive

Equipping University Archive

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Room 157
Teacher: Andy Lackey

The gospel is always under an attack from somewhere. In the letter the churches in Galatia, Paul is engaged in a battle for the Gospel and his words still speak to us today. Vital issues for the Christian life are tackled in Galatians as Paul unpacks the very heart of the Gospel. We see the meaning and centrality of how a person is made right with God (justification), which is the very thing on which the church either stands or falls. Reading and studying Galatians is far from a mere academic exercise. It was written to recovering legalists, which is what almost all church members are. Humans are legalists by nature. By trying to base one’s standing with God on spiritual performance, the Galatians (and us) are constantly in danger if denying the Gospel. All Christians need to hear again the liberating message that we are justified not by keeping the Law, but by faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ.  

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