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Equipping University Archive

Equipping University Archive

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1 Thessalonians

Room 154
Teacher: Jeff Spry

Reading and studying the biblical letters is like stepping into the middle of a conversation. In his first letter to Christians in Thessalonica, Paul reveals aspects of his life along with his desires and concerns for them. Through the Holy Spirit’s work, Paul is talking to us as much as he is to those first-century believers. We get to overhear this great conversation about the life-giving reality of a God-centered ministry in the life of a church. We hear Paul’s words of comfort and encouragement to a church suffering through persecution.  We learn from Paul’s teaching on the difficult doctrine of death and the sometimes confusing doctrine of the future and Christ’s second coming. We can apply Paul’s teaching on godliness and living the Christian life in a world that opposes all we stand for. Paul charges the Thessalonians and us to live differently than the non-Christians around us. If you are discouraged because your walk with Christ is not what you imagined it would be, you might ask, “How can we do all that?” Paul says, “He who calls you is faithful.” God will do this great work in your life. That is the gospel and the conversation we overhear in this letter leads us to believe that God is for us and that he will finish perfectly the work he has started in us.

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