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Equipping University Archive

Equipping University Archive

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Category: Revelation

Faithful Witness and Conquest: What the Spirit is Saying to the Churches

Room 157 Teacher: David Nash The book of Revelation can be one of the most alluring or intimidating books in all of scripture. Some find the vast symbolism and apocalyptic imagery endlessly fascinating, while others find it endlessly frustrating. Through the centuries, the church has produced a myriad of different interpretations attempting to uncover the meaning and relevance of the book. One section of Revelation that perhaps displays this most readily is Revelation 2-3 and the letters... Read More


Fellowship Hall Teacher: Jeff Spry The Book of Revelation, by its very name, is an uncovering and vivid disclosure of invisible realities. And yet, modern readers confronted with bizarre images of ten-horned beasts and human-faced locusts are often left wondering, “What in the world does this book mean?”  Revelation is a book of “symbols in motion” that is permeated with the idea of worship communicated through multiple appeals to the Old Testament.  It... Read More