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Equipping University Archive

Equipping University Archive

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Category: Pentateuch

Christ in the Pentateuch

Room 146 Teacher: Jeff Durham At times we as Christians get bogged down by the way we read the Old Testament.  We read the O.T. as individual stories and can miss both the big picture and the purpose:  preparing the way for our redemption through the coming Messiah.  This can make the Old Testament seem out-dated or irrelevant compared to the New Testament.  NOT TRUE!!!  In this 10 week study, come look at the Pentateuch from a birds-eye view, focusing on how the... Read More

History’s Roadmap: A Big-Picture Look at the Pentateuch

Room 154 Teacher: Jeff Durham Once Adam and Eve sinned in the Garden, the course of history changed in a direction that focused on dealing with man's problem of sin.  Genesis 3:15 is the first mention in Scripture of how God would deal with mankind's new-found problem of sin and death.  In that verse, God told Eve that one of her offspring would one day defeat sin and death and restore mankind's fellowship they once had with Him.  In this class, we will study... Read More