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Equipping University Archive

Equipping University Archive

Looking for resources or media from that long lost Equipping University Class of yesteryear?  You've come to the right place!  Click on a class below to get the goodies.  If you don't see the class listed for which you are looking, then there are no downloads available.


Category: Family

Overcoming the Past: Breaking the Cycle of Hurtful Family Relationships

Room 156 Teacher: Dan Wilemon In this class you will learn how your parents may have shaped the way you feel about yourself, how you relate to others, and even how they help you form your ideas about God. You will learn how practical the Word of God is in helping all of us let go of negative memories, emotions, and faulty ideas we have learned from our past environment, poor modeling, or abusive family or other influential people throughout our life. Read More
Posted by Greg Mathews at Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Summer 2017

June 7 - August 30 (11 Weeks) AVAILABLE MEDIA Click above to see the media archived for this EU session.   June 7: Thou Shall Be Generous Teacher: Josh Bowles June 14:  Prison Ministry Teachers: Prison Mission Team June 21: NO EU (Vacation Bible School) June 28: Before You Go: A Study of 1 Corinthians Teacher: Brad Borders July 5: No EU (Independence Day, Church-wide floor cleaning) July 12: A Look at the Gospel From My Garden ... Read More

Shepherding a Child's Heart - Ted Tripp

Room 151 Teacher: Ellen Fox     Many parenting books are based on hit-or-miss theories steeped in secular thinking. Shepherding a Child's Heart satisfies the hunger for fresh, biblical approaches to child rearing. It is about how to speak to the heart of your child. The things your child does and says flow from the heart. Luke 6:45 puts it this way: “Out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks.” Written for parents with children of any age, this... Read More

Summer 2008

June 4 to August 27, 2008 (13 Weeks) AVAILABLE MEDIA Click above to see the media archived for this EU session.   TEN THINGS GOD NEVER SAID ABOUT EVANGELISM, PART 1 Teacher: Brian Burgess TEN THINGS GOD NEVER SAID ABOUT EVANGELISM, PART 2 Teacher: Brian Burgess SECRETS TO HAPPY AND HEALTHY MARRIAGE Teacher: Ed Yarbrough WHAT EVERY CITIZEN SHOULD KNOW ABOUT MIDDLE EAST Teacher: James Mallory ALLAH AND CHRISTIAN GOD Teacher: Kevin Staley ... Read More

Spring 2008

March 5 to May 21, 2008 (12 Weeks)   THE CROSS AND THE CRESCENT Teacher: Brian Burgess TEXTUAL CRITICISM Teacher: Jeff Spry ROMANS (BIBLE STUDY 101) Teacher: Skip Cartin DON'T WASTE YOUR LIFE   THE TRUTH PROJECT Teacher: Monica Hosch JESUS: MORE THAN SUNDAY FOR MEN Teacher: Wayne Wilson JESUS: MORE THAN SUNDAY FOR WOMEN Teacher: Ellen Fox EVERY CHILD NEEDS A PRAYER Teacher: Liz Ball ACTS, PART 3 Teacher: David Moss THE... Read More

Fall 2007

September 5 to November 28, 2007 (13 weeks)   JAMES Teacher: Skip Cartin CALVINISM Teacher: Jeff Spry This class ran out of time to complete all of the study topics.  Final topics were covered in the Spring 2009 Class: Eternal Security. CHURCH HISTORY Teacher: Ed Yarbrough SUCCESSFUL STEP-FAMILIES Teacher: Ellen Fox HEAVEN   ACTS Teacher: David Moss Read More

Spring 2007

April 4 to May 23, 2007 (8 Weeks) ISLAM AND WITNESSING TO MUSLIMS Teacher: Skip Cartin, Betty Jo McLelland THE ATONEMENT Teacher: Jeff Spry THE BIBLE AND "OTHER" HOLY BOOKS   RAISING RESPONSIBLE TEENS, PART 2 Teacher: Ellen Fox WHAT HAPPENS WHEN WE PRAY FOR OUR FAMILIES? Teacher: Liz Ball BIBLE-BASED MONEY MANAGEMENT Teacher: Charles Bracken Read More