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Equipping University Archive

Equipping University Archive

Looking for resources or media from that long lost Equipping University Class of yesteryear?  You've come to the right place!  Click on a class below to get the goodies.  If you don't see the class listed for which you are looking, then there are no downloads available.


Category: 2016

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit: the Theology of the Trinity

Fellowship Hall Teacher: David Moss God cares that we know who he is, and he longs for us to understand him better. Through his Word he revealed his triune nature, though many avoid in-depth study of this doctrine because it is so deep and mysterious. But God's revelation of himself to us as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit affects how he relates to us, how he made us, and who he is eternally. The doctrine of the Trinity is essential to our understanding of him and of our faith. This... Read More

The Big Picture: Putting the Puzzle Together

Room 155 Teacher: Van Dempsey Have you ever tried to put a puzzle together without the picture on the box top? Many Christians have the same experience when trying to put the story of the Old Testament together with that of the New. If you were asked to explain the basic theology and overarching story of the Bible, could you? Could you explain why the Old Testament is relevant for Christians today? The reality is that many modern Christians wouldn't know where to begin. For most,... Read More

Your Personal Finances

Room 157 Teacher: Jim Denton Your Personal Finances - An informal survey of the financial planning and money management issues faced by the typical family.  Recognizing how conventional wisdom and traditional concepts, “how we’ve always done it”, may not be the best guideline for how you should manage your affairs.  And a discussion of recognizing, avoiding and dealing with the typical missteps and mistakes made by the average person. Topics covered will... Read More

The Sermon on the Mount

Room 151 Teacher: Andy Lackey The Sermon on the Mount is the best-known and most-beloved sermon ever preached. In this sermon, Jesus teaches truths so rich and powerful that even a lifetime of study could not exhaust their depths. The sermon is recorded in Matthew 5-7 where Jesus shows himself to be the promised King as he announces the kingdom of God and demonstrates its power. It is the sermon where Jesus teaches the Beatitudes as well as what we know as the Lord’s Prayer. In this... Read More

Brave Enough – Women’s Bible Study

Room 154 Teacher: Jennifer Campbell Scared of the unknown; of making that call or saying that sorry; of being too much or not enough. But is that fear holding you back? How would you be different if you could finally let go? The courage to change doesn’t have to mean cliff-diving out of your comfort zone. This courage is about being brave enough-for yourself, for God, and for your calling—right where you are. A brave-enough life is one lived fully and confidently, free from... Read More

Overcoming Emotions That Destroy

Room 156 Teacher: Ellen Fox Anger is a God-given emotion, one that has the potential for great use and great misuse.  It can be motivating, helpful, and constructive, or damaging, harmful, or destructive.   Our expression of anger can be seen in many forms- assertive and respectful, bottled up and held inside, leaked out with sarcasm, or through volcanic explosions.  Join us as we study Chip Ingram and Dr. Becca Johnson’s Overcoming Emotions that Destroy , and learn... Read More

Summer 2016

June 1 - August 24 (12 Weeks) AVAILABLE MEDIA Click above to see the media archived for this EU session.   June 1: Humanizing the Refugee Crisis Teacher: Brian P. June 8:  Questions You’ve Always Had About The Middle East But Were Afraid To Ask Teachers: BJ & Karen C. June 15: A Meal with Jesus: Discovering Grace, Community, and Mission around the Table Teacher: Matt Boyd June 22: NO EU (Vacation Bible School) June 29: Journey to Nepal... Read More

The Parables of Jesus

Room 151 Teacher: Andy Lackey The prodigal son. The good Samaritan. The treasure hidden in a field. Most of us have heard Jesus’s parables before. Yet if these stories strike us as merely sweet, heartwarming, or sentimental, we can be sure we’ve misread them. Jesus was a master storyteller, and the parables He told were ingeniously simple word pictures with profound spiritual lessons. Understanding the parables is a crucial matter for followers of Jesus. Jesus told parables... Read More